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Coach Kelsey

As the only Yoga for Hockey certified instructor, Kelsey has been on the scene for many years helping hockey players make remarkable progress on the ice.

She brings together the knowledge from her psychology degree, background as a mental health counsellor, and her own competitive athletic career, to develop and teach our focused and fun Yoga for Hockey classes.

Kelsey understands the physical and mental side of hockey well. As a mom of two young hockey players, and the wife of a hockey development company owner, she's seen firsthand how incorporating yoga has helped her students advance significantly faster than those who stick to traditional off-ice training. And the results go far beyond faster skating. Better focus, mental resilience, agility, flexibility, and injury prevention are all benefits her students report seeing.

In addition to the 200-hour yoga certification she holds, Kelsey has undertaken biofunctional anatomy and physiology training to become the only Yoga for Hockey certified instructor in North America.

You'll love Kelsey's upbeat and encouraging teaching style that supports beginners and our most advanced students. It was Kelsey's desire to make it easy for students to learn yoga poses and have proper body alignment that inspired our patent-pending Yoga for Hockey mat. She is a pioneer in blending the athletic side of hockey with the focus and flow of yoga for exceptionally well-rounded players.

Fun fact: Kelsey's whole family lives and breathes hockey...including their Boston Terrier, named Bauer!

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